Notice to Owner
1 hr - Introductory Meeting.

A Notice to Owner, also known as a NTO in the state of Florida, is a notice that secures your right to lien a property. If you are a subcontractor or a supplier and do not have a direct contract with the owner of the property you must send a Notice to Owner to the General Contractor in order to secure your right to lien a property. Subcontractors and suppliers have 45 days from the first day of furnishing materials and/or labor to a property to send a Notice to Owner.
Preliminary Notice
1 hr - Introductory Meeting.

A Preliminary Notice is a construction notice that subcontractors or material suppliers must file at the start of a construction job in order to secure their right to later file a Construction Lien – and so to ensure that they are paid for their work.
Notice of Intent
1 hr - Introductory Meeting.

A Notice of Intent to Lien is a construction document sent by subcontractors or suppliers on an unpaid project. It is sent immediately before filing a Construction Lien, and warns that you will lien the project if payment is not received within a certain number of days. It is not to be confused with a Preliminary Notice, which is usually sent at the very start of a project as a safeguard to future lien rights.
Stop Payment Notice
1 hr - Introductory Meeting.

A stop payment notice, is a verified written notice signed by the claimant which formally notifies the property owner that the claimant has not been paid for their labor, services, equipment, or materials provided to the construction project. A stop notice is delivered to the prime contractor or property owner, and demands that they withhold enough funds to pay your claim. If the property owner or prime contractor is in possession of funds at the time your stop notice is sent, they will be responsible for payment of your claim if they disburse those funds to other parties.

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